Custom sailboat charters on Bellingham Bay




4-Hour Sunset Cruise

$100 per person, $475 for a group of 5+

Enjoy one of Bellingham’s beautiful sunsets during a 4-hour cruise on Nexus. This is not a private cruise. There is an 8-passenger limit. You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages. The cruise will depart approximately 90 minutes before sunset and will be out through twilight so be sure to bring a jacket. Please see our Common Questions tab.


Full-day excursions

$175 per person, $800 for a group of 5+

A full-day excursion can give you a small sampling of the San Juan islands. Choose to sail the day way in the Strait of Georgia or Rosario Strait or opt for a quick island excursion for lunch and some exploring.


Private Day Cruises

$100 per person, $475 for a group of 5+

Private cruises are designed by you, for you. For a private cruise of 4 - 8 hours please contact Captain Jeff Riedy at 360.393.2688 or email at jgriedy@gmail.com.


Memorial Cruise

$475 for full day, limited to 10 passengers

Captain Jeff is honored to offer the scattering of your loved ones ashes at sea. Nexus has a full galley, a DVD player, and flat panel screen should you want to share recorded memories with family or friends. The cabin is heated for your comfort for off-season cruises.


Book a cruise

Call Captain Jeff at 360.393.2688





Nexus is a 40' Benetau Sloop.


featuring a covered cockpit, powered dinghy to go ashore, propane stove and oven, and a heated cabin


Trips depart from the Squalicum Marina near Anthony's Hearthfire.



Jeff Riedy is the Captain of Nexus. He has decades of experience managing and skippering charter boats.

get in touch

give us a call at 360 393 2688

common questions

What if the weather is rough?

The boat is equipped with a full cockpit covering for wind, rain (or too much sun). The cabin is heated. Everyone is required to wear a life jacket. If there are small craft advisories your cruise can be rescheduled for another date.

Is it safe?

Nexus is inspected annually by the US Coast guard. Life jackets are available and must be worn by all guests. Your safety is of utmost concern.

What should I wear?

Wear soft closed toed shoes only. Light colored soles are preferred. Dress to be comfortable, we suggest layering. The weather can change throughout a full day trip. Bring a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses, gloves and a jacket for the evening or cooler parts of the season. Feel free to bring a small bag for your extra clothing.


Sailing on this boat is a great ride when the wind is up! It is such a pleasure every time we go out.
— Aaron Delano
Can’t recommend Nexus enough. We brought our own wine and cheese on a sunset cruise and had a lovely time.
— Liz Donovan
Jeff is a great teacher and very reassuring to people that are new to sailing. He’ll let you try your hand at it or sit back and relax as Jeff is very capable of single-handing Nexus. I highly recommend Nexus Charters.
— Megan